With beautiful and charming apartments in a biodynamic farmhouse just 2.5km away from downtown Montalcino, and only 6km from the splendid Abbey of Sant’Antimo, we are in the heart of the Val d'Orcia in Tuscany. We offer a relaxed and cozy ambience with only 7 apartments for 2-4 guests each. All apartments come with a kitchen and access to the swimming pool, jacuzzi, a playground for children, and our seasonal Tuscan organic restaurant. Guests may enjoy free guided tours of our historic wine cellar and a tasting of our own biodynamic Brunello di Montalcino production and our vegetable garden. We also offer other activities by request including Italian cooking classes, tours over Tuscany, yoga lessons, naturopathy consultations, trekking and massage. At Agriturismo Piombaia, you will enjoy the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by a peaceful ambience at an eco-friendly destination.

Fior di Montalcino

The name of the Chironi family has its roots in Sardinia, a place where sheep farming is one of the main activities and that is where our history is born ... in the distant post-war period, grandfather Pietro Chironi, started working with fresh milk in a mountain-built wooden house, in which he kept all the equipment needed to make cheese; he gathered his children around the hearth and began to work explaining to them in detail every detail and every secret to produce an excellent cheese. In 1959 he moved to Buonconvento, in the company le Sale, formed by almost 100 hectares of arable land and 4 farms, a place where he decided to take root. It was the first Sardinian family to settle in the area. The main activity he practiced was breeding, followed by agriculture and it is thanks to his cheeses, naturally seasoned in the cellar under the farm, who managed to create something unique, which was handed down to the children and now to the grandchildren, with the added value of tradition and values, which distinguish the family's history. During the course of the year, we produce all the forages and all the corn, barley, broad beans, oats, triticale and soft wheat grains, necessary for feeding our animals, through cultivation methods that respect the well-being of man. , of the animal and the biodiversity of our territory.

Associazione agricoltura biodinamica italiana

Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino

The Consortium of the Brunello of Montalcino Wine was founded in 1967, on the morn of its being branded a D.O.C. wine, as a free association between winemakers bent on safeguarding their wine and on accentuating its qualities. The Consortium has favored the onset of a productive fabric made of old and new, small and large winemaking firms alike, brought together by the common interest of respecting nature and aspiring to the highest quality of wine. The Consortium organizes events in Italy and abroad, as well as participation by winemakers in trade fairs. It manages public relations and the image of Montalcino wines through its press office, and distributes news and information on an official website, with numerous publications in several languages.

Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti

The Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti (FIVI – Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) has the scope of representing and safeguarding the figure of the winemaker in relation to the institutions by promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines.