ViniBio is an idea that brings together several agricultural companies with the common goal of producing unique wines in a clear and natural way focusing on the diversity of each production for a sustainable and innovating conduction.

Associazione agricoltura biodinamica italiana

Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino

The Consortium of the Brunello of Montalcino Wine was founded in 1967, on the morn of its being branded a D.O.C. wine, as a free association between winemakers bent on safeguarding their wine and on accentuating its qualities. The Consortium has favored the onset of a productive fabric made of old and new, small and large winemaking firms alike, brought together by the common interest of respecting nature and aspiring to the highest quality of wine. The Consortium organizes events in Italy and abroad, as well as participation by winemakers in trade fairs. It manages public relations and the image of Montalcino wines through its press office, and distributes news and information on an official website, with numerous publications in several languages.

CTG Wines Export & Marketing Fine Italian Wines

We are a family company with a great passion for wine. Since 1995 we handle all communication and promotion worldwide for a small group of Italian wineries producing high quality wines.